It is a pleasure to welcome everyone to our Equestrian International Community!

We are inspired by your unique stories and situations.  We are on this world together and we strongly believe it works better when we help each other.

In today’s changing world, we want to be your platform that offers Social, Informative and Advertising Opportunities. Use our platform instead of having to build your own website.

We started as a Facebook Group Aging Horsewomen Intl January 2017. We experienced phenomenal growth. August 27, 2022 our website has updated to Equestrians International Community.

Our members are now requesting Freedom from the Censorship found on social media and more amenities. We built this website to meet those requests. Tutorial Videos.

Website registration is free benefits include being on the map and ability to make/join special interests groups. When putting in your city and state choose from drop down menu to activate map.

Once you have joined, when you sign on the bar at top right will say Welcome and your username. That bar should also give you several options including Groups and Events. If it doesn’t please contact me

Thank You so much for visiting.