Hi, I am Sharon, The Aging Horsewoman.

I’d like to tell you how Aging Horsewomen Intl started.  I returned to the horse world in my sixties after a 20- year break.  I knew my loss of balance, strength and chronic pain would affect my ability and confidence in riding.  However, I wasn’t prepared for the debilitating fear!  My daughter lead-lining me fear.  How would I ever convince Buttercup (Doc Yellow Cody) I could be trusted as a confident lead mare? I needed to decrease pain and get in shape! I needed a support system.

I started Aging Horsewomen Facebook group January 27, 2017.  I was surprised by the number of women my story resonated with.  I wasn’t alone!  Within a year, we became Aging Horsewomen Intl. to reflect our worldwide camaraderie.  We are a sisterhood of over 56,000 members.  We are a support system, sounding board, place to vent and learn.   

As our group grew, so did our wants.  How could we find other Aging Horsewomen in our area? Safety is a big issue as we know how dangerous our hobbies can be.  What about sharing events?  Many of us supplement our incomes and would like a place to advertise.    

This website was started to meet those and many more requests.

I did get help with my pain.

Hi I am Dawn,

I am a self proclaimed hippy chic wanna be and rebel without a cause despising all things techy. I loath computers and selling things! So, why am I here? In complete truth, I started just to support my mother and her vision. As this website has developed I’ve become excited because I can see so many possibilities.

We are a platform that meets your needs, even if you aren’t an aging horsewoman! I know enough about horses to make sure I end up facing the front when I mount.

Our platform has several different components:

 ~ Social Media: Make friends, send messages, see activity log (news feed), no ads popping up, more privacy and control of what you see

~ Map: join for free and get yourself on the map, find others in your area, or somewhere you are interested in

 ~ Groups: The groups is the area to tailor for your needs/wants.  A group can be set up for personal topics, educational, business, gathering, real estate, etc.. 

   An admin (aka you!) creates and manages the group. Many people are multi-sourcing their income and an easy place to share thier products is needed.

 ~ Local Clubs: Meet online with people in your area, schedule meetups and activities

 ~ Events Calendar: Members may plan and share events, businesses may post promotions and events.

 ~ Website - Main: Sharon has the main website that shares a lot of information pertinent to those in the horse world.  Vendors advertising will be placed in an appropriate category.

 ~ Webpage - Yours: Do you want your own webpage for your business? Websites can be hard to create, manage and afford. Use our Groups to promote your products.  

 ~ Advertising: We have several advertising options with different price ranges, which will include the opportunity to advertise to our Facebook Group with 53,000 members.

 ~ Support:  Sharon told you how it all began, wanting support. The vision remains the same. We want to offer our support.
Thank You so much for visiting.