Howdy!  We are glad you stopped by, pull up a spot and stay awhile.  This website has been made in response to needs expressed by our Facebook Group Aging Horsewomen Intl. You are welcome to tour around our website without joining any of our groups or forums. If you do decide to join us, just click the register tab to join up!

How do I sign up?

Use the register button with Join our Leadmares.  You will need to pick your name, put in your email and your location.  (We request just city and state for location.)  Start typing your state and select the option that comes up to make sure you show on the map.  Hit submit.

How do I access the Free Groups?

Once you are logged in, on the home page you should see section Leadmare join up (which you have already used) and then Groups. Under Groups click the Free Group for Friendship, Help and Safety. The next page will have several forums you can enter (chatrooms) and reach out in.

What are membership levels?

We have many levels for you to choose from to participate in on this website.

Free Is just that, just register in the above tab and you will have access to a few free chatrooms. These chatrooms offer Help, Safety, Friendship and Prayers. We know the dangers inherit in our passions and we don’t want you to feel alone or unsafe. We have a map that members may share their location on, we ask no addresses for everyone’s safety. You may just enter city/state.

Leadmares. You know you’re the leader of your herd! Please join us! Leadmares have access to the above free group as well as much more! You are invited to join and/or create groups that interest you, as many groups as you want! There is a calendar for events (you may add to with approval). All of this is included for $25.00 a year. Join with the membership level tab and then you will be able to choose your Leadmare Level.

Business: Business’s we are looking for you! You may share your info and post Events, those you sponsor or those that are important to your business. You have access to our forums and groups as well. You may join above and then choose your Business Level, it is $75.00 a year.

Sponsors: You are very important to making this site be possible. You get access to all of the above and you are listed under our Sponsor’s on the main page. Your twice a month ads are the only ones allowed on the group Aging Horsewomen Intl with 50,000 members. You may advertise on our Shopping with Aging Horsewomen Group once a week. Again, please join on the above tab and then choose your Sponsorship Level of $500.00 a year.

I joined and I am on dashboard. What now?

On the left hand side top Aging Horsewomen. Hover over that and “Visit Site” will appear. Click on that. You will now be on home page.

How do I navigate this website?

You are welcome to tour around our website without joining any of our groups or forums. If you do decide to join us, just click the tab to join up! After you have joined us on the Home page there are three ways, 1) Scroll down to Members Area – Groups -Events 2) The Green Bar at the top of the page 3) Hover over Howdy your name.

What is the difference between Groups and Forums?

Groups are a thing that each user can pick and choose to be apart of. There can be updates and events posted for that group. Then all members of that group would be able to see. Members are encouraged to create groups that interest them.

Forums are essentially a public chatting area. Each forum you have access to, you would be able to see posts from anyone that posts there. Someone from Germany posting a health tip, everyone would be able to see. If a member wants to make a Forum they first must make a Group. (It is a computer thing.)

How do I determine size of my group?

A group for a breed or a discipline will include the world. A group for a specific breed and discipline in a certain region narrows it considerably.