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    My family took a vacation and decided to employ the next door neighbors teenage son to care for our farm. He was 15 and we thought he understood our very specific instructions that we both showed him and wrote down. When we returned from vacation we found we were very lucky to have any of the animals alive. The hay twine was left everywhere, the water was very low, one of our dogs had escaped and he hadn’t let us know! They did find it and return it, but this happenstance led to another escape which caused a tragic accident. If we had known about the original escape we would have altered our fence to prevent another. This all happened years ago and we have healed and moved on. My reason for sharing is to point out that we have a place on the website that allows for our group here to join and either ask for or offer help.

    Oklahoma and Texas experienced hardships this last month. We know that some women could offer sage advice from afar. Or maybe someone closer to you can give you physical assistance if needed. Maybe you are fortunate to be in a position to offer assistance!

    Whatever the case, the newsfeed on fb allows those offers of help to be hard to find.
    To join the website,:

    ~ click the provided link
    ~ there is no charge for basic membership
    ~ three easy steps let you create an account. You are also allowed to choose who sees you on the map! We have over 1,000 members with only about 700 showing themselves on the map.
    ~ The “Help Needed or Offered Forum” is where you can add a topic i.e. are you offering or needing help, what area are you in?

    Thanks again for being part of our wonderful group! We are a breed apart! If you have any ideas to improve our site we would love to hear them! Sharon and I are hippy chick horse people that despise modern technology! So doing this work presents struggles!

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    Cindy Peden

    Where I can go to find others near me? I live right outside of Nashville Tn


    Hi Cindy,

    Thanks for asking! The map is on the home page. To use it zoom in on the balloon in your area. Keep zooming in until the balloon is red with a dot in the middle. At this point a click will allow you to see the members name. If you click the person’s name you are then able to message or ask to be friends. I hope that helps if not please let me know 😉


    Naughty critters..

    Our neighbors are horse owners as well and we regularly watch their farm. We have been doing so for a couple of years and are familiar with their herd. I was petting my favorite gelding and he lightly nipped me on the chest! I just laughed and called him naughty, but it made me think that others could have been very stressed by this. I am not condoning the behavior, but I do prefer to have people watching my farm that understand.

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