It sure was mine.

Hi, I am Sharon Kay, The Aging Horsewoman. There was a time I couldn’t mount even with the mounting block. Now I don’t need one. I was on that downward spiral. Pain leading to less activity, causing weight gain, weight gain increasing pressure on joints causing more pain, resulting in decreasing activity, loss of muscle tone and balance. Then came FEAR of my horse, because I knew I was in no shape to ride. Sitting on the sidelines of my own life, I was depressed, seeking comfort food. The spiral seemed endless, I could see it, but couldn’t seem to take control. I HURT I was Exhausted. I was Fat and Depressed. Two artificial knees because of arthritis. There was no way Buttercup would trust me as his lead mare.

I am a nurse, trained to be skeptical. Imagine my shock when my friend, colleague and PCP Dr. Baker told me about Vasayo. Dr Baker, had been on his own journey with health concerns. Approximately 20 years of anti-inflammatories were affecting his kidney and liver functions. He was looking for a more natural alternative.

Dr Baker with diligent research found Vasayo and their product Renew. He recommended I start using it. I did. Life changing. Dr Baker became a member of their Science Team Now Vasayo has become Three.

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