The Aligned Rider online mini course.

Are you getting the most out of your time in the saddle?

Gain an understanding of your own habits and how to achieve your natural alignment for a more connected and balanced feel in the saddle.

The Aligned Rider Course – helping you become a head of the game and prepare for the saddle throughout your everyday life. Have the ability to help yourself both in and out of the saddle.

This self paced course gives you the step-by-step skills to understand and easily implement alignment into your life, and make changes at any age.  

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  Find What Brings you Joy and Do It Well

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You’re living in the greatest time in history to be involved with horses. Today’s horses are exceptional animals and there is more information and opportunity than ever before. The only question left is, are you ready to take your horse experience to the next level?
We connect horse people with the greatest horsemen and women of our time. Their proven strategies, experiences, and ideas will help you have a more fulfilling, more meaningful, and more enjoyable horse experience.

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Education and Inspiration Get Your Free Ticket!

You are invited to the Art of the Horseman 2022 Virtual Tour! I am thrilled to be a presenter in 2022 and I have access to unlimited FREE tickets.  Click on this link to get your free tickets! Please share the link with friends & family

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Help Your Horse be Calm, Willing and Confident

Discover Dr Shelley Appleton’s unique approach to building rider skillsets and insights into helping your horse be calm, willing and confident. A calm, willing and confident horse brings freedom and joy back to your riding. Any level of rider can learn the tools to ensure their horse feels comfortable , understands and is motivated to do what you expect. Dr Shelley Appleton Website Email:

The Art of Equine Communication

In this 12-week online course you will gain a deeper understanding of your horse and yourself.

You will gain knowledge and tools that will help you to be the leader your horses desire you to be. We will have 18 horsemanship videos, 6 live zoom calls.  Discover greater confidence in yourself and your horse. Please call for more information (530) 386-3639 Cindy Hartzell

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