The Adventures Of Cyndi Bird

I want to thank all the amazing horsewomen who have given me the courage to believe in myself. Thanks to your support I have found myself now unbelievably excited to be writing a book. A book I aim to have written for you by October 15 2022.

You are welcome to visit my website for more details. Cyndi


SHLEP: Finding Healing on Horseback in the Lower 48, a memoir

When I was 59, I left my emotionally abusive marriage, loaded my horses and set off to ride in all the states. I was coping with PTSD, had never gone horse camping before and driving a ginormous rig was way above my previous skill level. A year later I returned a restored woman. How that happened is complicated, but God was surely guiding the way.

Kathy Burns Email Website

Sugar Books for Girls

Dream Horse Adventures – A series of horse love stories for girls 8 -12.

Mary’s Song – A girl with grit. A lame foal destined for destruction.

Selah’s Sweet Dream – A girl with a dream. A horse with ATTITUDE.

Selah’s Painted Dream – A girl on a mission. The horse is the answer.

Selah’s Stolen Dream – One girl’s victory is another’s tragic defeat.

Susan Count Hastings


The River Home – Book 3 in The Friendship Trilogy 

 will be released on April 72022 on Amazon!  The eBook is available for pre-sale. The Horseshoe Necklace – Book 1 – provides background on Baatar’s and Emmy’s different cultural backgrounds, their love of horses, and their mutual struggle with loss and grief. Spirit Whispers – Book 2 –  unveils fears and desires, inner turmoil, and family secrets that deeply impact their friends. Torn between love and grief, they face shocking news and personal challenges.

The River Home – Book 3 Summary

Tragedy leads Baatar on a treacherous trip to the Mongolian steppe, an unforeseeable plane crash, and an arduous trip home, paved with obstacles and mysterious encounters that sometimes seem otherworldly—events that test his resilience and strength to the max. Emmy meanwhile deals with life at home, hostile visitors, biased accusations, lost opportunities, and challenges no teenager can muster alone. Circumstances are dire when friends and strangers bring a glimmer of hope.

Each book can be read separately. Mollie Moon

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Riders of a Certain Age: Your Guide to Loving Horses Mid-Life and Beyond

In this book, you’ll learn the realities and joys of riding as an older woman: learning what your body can and can’t do, dealing with fitness and fear, buying a horse (or not), the finances of horse ownership, traveling with your horse, dealing with family, and creating a new network of friends at the stable.

“Fran Severn’s new book, Riders of a Certain Age: Your Guide for Loving Horses Midlife and Beyond, and its resonant cover, ride to our emotional rescue at just the right time, and with just the right tone of pragmatic advice, to keep us riding forward at a point in life when others might expect us to whoa. From leasing to leakage, money to manure, this engagingly candid, comprehensive resource is an owner’s manual for reclaiming the right to indulge your horse-loving inner child.” —L.A. Sokolowski, Award-winning journalist, 2017 AHP Lifetime Achievement Award

Fran Severn ~~~~~ ~~~~ Website ~~~ YouTube link

Tales and Tails


At Home on a Horse in the Woods: A Journey into Living Your Ultimate Dream, my memoir and a testimonial to the importance of our dreams. Winner of a 2020 Equus Film & Arts Fest Winnie Award.

Braiding Horsehair Bracelets: Your Beginner’s Guide, color-illustrated directions for creating three keepsake bracelets from your horse’s hair. Winner of a 2021 Equus Film & Arts Fest Winnie Award.


I create the keepsakes from your horse’s hair for you.

Jan Alexander Website

A Calf for Olive

Olive longs for a calf of her own so she can enter the 4-H calf competition. So, naturally, she is upset when she realizes that some of the older kids think she can’t take care of one because she uses a wheelchair to get around.

Her dismay turns to delight when her parents tell her she can choose a calf from the ones on their farm. Olive knows exactly which one she wants—a Jersey calf that was born late and smaller than any of the others. But raising a calf isn’t easy. Olive has to draw on all of her problem-solving skills and work harder than she ever has before.

Cheryl Dawn Buchan Website

Newest Believing In Horses Book!

Believing In Horses Out West. Sadie Navarro rescued a mare that is now headed to a ranch in Montana and a home Sadie knows nothing about. When she goes to check on her, will fourteen-year-old Sadie need to stand up to rugged cowboys to protect her special horse? “A thrilling coming-of-age story…” Valerie Ormond Website

For Christmas, the men and women who work in these horse racing barns have a shot at new – or renewed – love

Harness racing is full of passion for Standardbreds and competition. Share the passion and romance in City Cowboys for Christmas, sweet and steamy short stories set in the world of high-stakes racing! Available November 30 from Amazon – pre-order your copy now. Audra Spicer email Website

City Cowboys

The Horse Who Changed My Life:

My Serendipitous Journey through Equus.

Can two words whispered by a horse lead to personal transformation? A heartfelt story that documents the life-changing, serendipitous journey of a NYC lawyer who learned how to deepen her capacity to connect to the wisdom of her heart and to the ancient wisdom of Equus, guided by interspecies connections and inspiring synchronicities.

If you order it from me directly (rather than Amazon), I’d be delighted to Autograph your copy.

My Author Website is: My IG is: @nancyleeg8My Email

Arrow the Sky Horse trilogy

An enchanting story of a girl, a wild stallion and a magical amulet. Horse lovers of all ages will enjoy reading about the adventures of Meadow and her family set in 1960’s Arizona. Meadow’s live will never be the same after discovering an ancient cliff dwelling intact with all the artifacts, one of which allows her to control a beautiful wild stallion. Melody Huttinger Website

Olympic Gold for Cat and Toby by Sharon Roberts, The Aging Horsewoman

This is the uplifting story of a girl’s struggle to find herself after tragedy nearly destroys her life. Fourteen-year-old Cat has devoted her life to figure skating and worked tirelessly for Olympic Gold. While driving home from a skating competition, she and her dad are involved in an accident. Cat awakens in the hospital and learns the worst has happened: Her father is dead and her left leg was amputated below the knee.

Caitlin sinks into a depression, A family doctor suggests hippotherapy. Reluctantly, Caitlin consents to therapeutic riding. Inspired by the sight of a horse and rider practicing on a stadium jump course, Caitlin decides she will learn to compete again. Olympic Gold once again seems possible.

When the owner of the stable allows her to work with Toby, an overo pinto with a bad attitude and a natural jumping ability, Caitlin discovers there is more to a horse then just competition. Website

Honey, A pony’s Story by Sharon Roberts

Honey’s story is told primarily from the viewpoint of a small and injured pony. Confused and friendless at an auction, she is befriended by a cowpony, now too old for strenuous work. Both are saved from the knacker’s bid for the slaughterhouse by an old man, hoping that the two of them may help save his granddaughter. Just eleven, orphaned and crippled from a car accident, Amy must live with her grandfather. Defeated by anger and depression, she withdraws into herself and her room, regressing emotionally and physically. Unable to reach her, the grandfather gambles that the unconditional love offered by an animal will be the right therapy for Amy. Honey’s natural instincts, the old man’s wisdom, and the cowpony’s memories work their magic to bring joy to wheelchair-bound Amy. Please email Sharon Roberts for a copy. or

Horse-Themed Novels for All the Family

Horse-themed novels for all the family as well as romances (no swearing or graphic sex). “Muted” has hundreds of reviews and 90% of them are five-star with many readers calling it the best horse book they’ve ever read – it’s a mix of romantic suspense, medical mystery, and cowboy drama. “The Outback Riders” is written for pre-teens and teens but is mainly enjoyed by older readers who enjoy clean adventures and horses. Browse the books by Leanne Owens here at Leanne Owens: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle 

Perfect Gift for Pony Lovers

Based on a true story, Jump the Moon is a beautifully illustrated picture book about a pony who dreams of her girl.  Readers are falling in love with the girl with the long blond hair and her pony, Me Too. For ages 4 and up, written at a third grade level, horse lovers of any age will delight in this book.  The gift set comes with a cuddly plush pony.  Available only at Website or local tack shops. Kathy Simmers.

I Write Horse Books

I write horse books for all ages, also adult historical, and cowgirl. You can click on my website to view more detailed info and some awesome photos or purchase from Amazon. Patricia Probert Gott Website

The Adventures of Oti and Valentina: Oti Moves to California

I would love to share with you my children’s book about my daughter Valentina and our beautiful Gypsy cob Oti. Read along to your kids or grandkids as Valentina dreams about having her own pony, then they find Oti and fall in love! It is a sweet story of love and acceptance – perfect for the little horse-lover in your life! Nicola Ducharme Website

For the Love of Horse

In For the Love of Horse, author Lynn Hummer chronicles her experiences rescuing slaughter-bound horses, especially pregnant mares.
Lynn is the Founder/President of The Pregnant Mare Rescue a horse sanctuary committed to rescuing pregnant mares and orphaned foals from abuse, advocating for the humane treatment of all horses through education while enriching the human experience. Pregnant Mare Rescue is a Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries verified, 501(c) 3 nonprofit

Horse and Donkey Books for Young Readers

Home of the multiple award-winning “Morgan Horse” series, staring Blackjack, a real horse who inspired author Ellen Feld and kept her safe through so many years of showing and trail riding. Blackjack, who has his own Breyer Model Horse (!) has captivated young readers with over 50,000 copies of his wholesome books sold. Get your special little reader hooked on authentic horse action, from an “Aging Horsewomen” who has been there/done that with her horses and has the writing awards to prove it (including twice winning the coveted ‘Children’s Choices’ award from the International Reading Association). Expanding into another popular series, Ellen has recently authored a series of three books featuring her adorable miniature donkey for ages 2 – 5. These books tell engaging and silly stories with simple text and photographs taken of “Donk” by professional photographer John Cebula.  All books available from Amazon. If you prefer signed/personalized copies for your young reader, please go to the website for ordering information. Ellen Feld Website Email:

Lady Long Rider Bernice Ende

There are many reasons why I ride. Here are four. To encourage female leadership. To discover, learn and grow.

Hello! I hope you will love my book, “Lady Long Rider: Alone Across America on Horseback”. — Bernice Ende

This book shares stories of my first 13 years long riding across the U.S. and Canada, as well as how it all began. I have now traveled over 30,000 miles by horse in 15 years, beginning in 2005 at age 50. My longest ride was 8,000 miles, 2014-2016. I began with one horse and my dog, and now ride with two horses, both Fjords.

I love our country, and the goodness of people everywhere. They have helped me, and honored me with their interest. I have given talks at libraries, community centers, nursing homes, and more recently at horse shows and colleges. Please share my adventures with me, by riding with me in my saddle bags, and my heart. Thank you.

Signed books, personalized if you wish, are available at my website . Unsigned books as well as ebooks are available from the publisher, FarCountry Press and Amazon (US & Int’l) and from many independent bookstores and truck stops across the country.

Plan & Live An Outstanding 2020

The Smart Equestrian Planner is a daily life planner designed exclusively for equestrians. Vision pages, goal setting, prioritizing, daily intention, time management, daily gratitude practice, health tracking, horse info, journal space, bucket list & so much more.  Included with the planner is The Smart Equestrian Planner Group on FB. 24/7, 365 days of coaching, support, inspiration & encouragement to keep you engaged & in action with your planner. 10% of all net profits of The Smart Equestrian go to 12 different horse rescues per year. Your personal growth & achievements benefit horses around the world! Equestrians empowering equestrians. Together we are limitless.   Jenna Knudsen.  Email~ Website

 Horse Books to Believe In! 

Multiple award-winning books Believing In Horses and Believing In Horses, Too have been described as inspirational, motivational, and heartwarming. These coming-of-age stories including rescue horses, equine therapy, horse shows, and more include something for readers of all ages. 

While getting to know her new horse, Lucky, Sadie Navarro discovers ten horses waiting to be sold at auction. She commits to saving them from uncertain futures. Can 12-year-old Sadie save the horses in time…and herself? 

Sadie worries about her father serving in Afghanistan. She believes her love for horses will help distract her, but instead she faces new challenges. Will Sadie find courage in her thirteenth year and become the person she wants to be?  Valerie Ormond Email: Website

Archer’s Grace: Book One, Dahlquin Series 

Eloise, a 13th century only child grows up coming to terms with and battling with her patriarchal Irish society. She is intelligent, curious, bold, romantic and has to deal with a rapidly changing community. Confronting self and societal doubts she must take on far more than she ever expected, she finds love and conflict as she comes of age in this historical epoch. Eloise’s empathy, courage, frustrations and loves propel her through tumultuous times as England’s tenuous hold on Ireland is lurking. by Anne Beggs. Website

ZC Horses Series of Children’s Books

The ZC Horses Series is a collection of true stories about many wonderful horses. Each horse has its own personality and unique quality along with a special story to tell. Diane W. Keaster


The Adventures of Tarifa!

by Nancy Harm

 Twiglet: The Little Christmas Tree 

This entertaining and informative book with charming pictures and large print for young children describes the story of twins, Rueben and Rachel Oliver, and Twiglet. The orphaned twins live with Gramma Oliver in a little old cabin in a town called Snowflake. Despite their humble background, they never hesitate to share their last morsel and are always helpful to others, be it people or animals. The unexpected discovery of Twiglet: The little Christmas tree with a white top-notch, is a sign of goodwill. Every new Christmas is a harbinger of exciting events and warm friendships. Janey Loree Fisher Paschal Website. 12/7/20


THROUGH THE MIST – Katherine O’Reilly grew up a dreamer, believing all the excitement and romance of her favorite films and books could be captured and lived. By age thirty-five, she is suicidal. Unloved by her mother and neglected by her father, she believed earning the devotion of an exciting and charming lover would validate her self-worth. After betraying her best friends to obtain the man of her dreams, he is lost. Disillusioned, the riding instructor gives up on love and dedicates her life to her students and focuses on her love of horses at an equestrian camp nestled in the Rocky Mountains. Years later, while fighting to keep her riding school, she gets a second chance at love. Can Katherine let go of her past in time to save her future? (Has over 50 5-Star reviews on Amazon)

INTO THE FIRE – The second of the Two Ponies three-book series extends the Through the Mist saga as Into the Fire picks up fourteen years later with Katherine pursuing her childhood dream of qualifying for the 1996 Olympics. Amidst chasing her vision, her dreams are suddenly blown to bits by a phone call reigniting her past. Events unfold that endanger everyone she holds dear and force her to make the most difficult choice of her life. Into the fire she rides to levy justice, protect her family, and bring a close to her troubled past. (Recently released)

Both books are set in the mid-1900s near a Blackfeet reservation in Montana and are interwoven with themes of racism and American Indian theology. Susan Abel writes from the heart, sharing her passion for horses and her love of nature through the eyes of a hopeless romantic. She hopes her stories, underscored by lessons in love, wisdom and courage, will inspire and lift the spirits of her readers. The third book of the series, From the Darkness, will be available in 2020.

Wild Horses of the Summer Sun: A Memoir of Iceland

Each June, Tory Bilski meets up with fellow women travelers in Reykjavik where they head to northern Iceland, near the Greenland Sea. They escape their ordinary lives to live an extraordinary one at a horse farm perched at the edge of the world. If only for a short while.
When they first came to Thingeyrar, these women were strangers to one another. The only thing they had in common was their passion for Icelandic horses. However, over the years, their relationships with each other deepens, growing older together and keeping each other young. 

2/7/2019 – Tory Bilski

Miya’s Dream is Cathy Ringler’s debut novel for middle grades.

Fourteen-year-old Miya Skippingbird, AKA Mega Miya, knows all about middle school struggles. She wants to find the perfect horse that will win every time. That way, the rodeo kids will notice her …in a good way. Miya’s hope is shattered when her “Dream” turns out to be a stubborn paint mare who has no interest in running, much less winning a barrel race. Supported by Jake Runningdeer, an up and coming mini-bull rider, and Abigail Reison, the new girl at school, Miya finds the courage to step up in both the classroom and rodeo arena. 

Miya’s Dream may be purchased through Amazon or directly from Cathy’s website.

Midnight Magic by Nancy Di Fabbio

Be Careful What You Wish For! a spellbinding tale about a haunted painting, a mysterious Morgan stallion, and the girl who loves him. Midnight Magic is available in hardcover, paperback, and on Kindle at Amazon


Thank You so much for visiting. Our goal is not just another place to shop.
We truly want to share the Wisdom and Sisterhood of our community Aging Horsewomen Intl on Facebook.

Thank You so much for visiting. Our goal is not just another place to shop.
We truly want to share the Wisdom and Sisterhood of our community Aging Horsewomen Intl on Facebook.