Hello, I am Sharon The Aging Horsewoman.

I want to help you live an active horse life as I am now.

Chronic pain can shut the gate.
Reduce Pain. Enjoy a active horse life.

January 27, 2017 I started the Facebook Group Aging Horsewomen Intl. from a place of despair. Arthritis pain was limiting my horse time.

I was not alone, my friend and colleague, Dr. Baker had done his yearly check of his liver and kidneys function. They were showing damage from 20 years of anti-inflammatory medications. He knew he had to stop traditional pharmacology and find alternative for arthritis.

I have heard it said “It isn’t not what you know but who you know.” I am fortunate to know Dr. Baker, he is one of those brilliant people. An analytical chemist before becoming a doctor he has the knowledge. A kind, caring, Christian man he truly desires to help others and was thrilled to tell me he had found something that would help our backs and hands. He had had both hips replaced and I both knees replaced a few years ago.

Dr Baker with diligent research found Vasayo and their product Renew. He recommended I start usng it. I did. Life changing. Dr Baker became a member of their Science Team Now Vasayo has become Three.

My Website Three

Revíve Renewal + Recovery

Revíve’s unique formula is specially designed to work at the cellular level to support healthy joints and offers enhanced flexibility, mobility, and range of motion.

Vitalité Superfood Blend + Multivitamin Complex

Vitalité is a powerful, daily supplement that works at the cellular level to deliver the essential nutrients your body needs to perform at its best every day.

These products have decreased my pain moving me from depression, watching my life from the sidelines, to an active horse life.

There is HOPE for YOU.

My Health Journey for those interested.

I am exhausted, I cry on the drive home. Crying from exhaustion has become my normal. I am a dialysis nurse. Since the city of Rogers did eminent domain on our home in 2005 I have had an hour and half commute one way to work. I leave my home usually at 4:15 am, when I open the water room I leave at 3:15 am. I arrive at work at 6 or 5 am. Then I work a 12-hour day and drive home an hour and a half. I am 64 years old. Too exhausted to enjoy my horse or being a grandmother.

I weigh 176 pounds. Way too much for my 5’3″. My drug of choice Chocolate milk. I drink several a day. First one in the morning to get me going. One a noon for energy, another mid-afternoon for energy. One or two for dinner because I am too tired to cook and eat. I am so lucky Don is self-sufficient and doesn’t expect me to cook after work. 

ARTHRITIS. It runs in my family. My Dad had severe back arthritis. In an attempt to get some relief he turned to Prolotherapy a treatment where multiple (10-40) injections of a natural irritant agent are injected near the area of inflammation. My Dad was in his 70’s, observing how painful and exhausting the treatments were for him I wondered if the cure was worse than the disease. He kept going back because he thought they helped. I wondered would I be so brave when my back got that bad. I knew I was headed down that road.

I was in my early 30s when I was first told I had significant arthritis in my back and hands.

I was 50 when I had surgery on both feet for arthritis.

I was 58 when I herniated a disc at work

I was 60 for right knee replacement

I was 63 for left knee replacement

I was 64 when I slipped on ice on the patio, I fell backwards stopping my fall with my left arm. I hurt the shoulder joint. After the injury “healed” I was able to raise my arm, but I could bring it down in increments only. I woke between 4-6 times every night because rolling over hurt the shoulder. This lasted for 2 years.

Until my friend, colleague and PCP Dr Baker shared a natural product that was working for his arthritis. He had been taking anti-inflammatory medication for twenty years because of his arthritic back (he is younger then me. My daughter babysat his children.) and his kidneys and liver were showing damage from them. He had also had both hips replaced.

Thanks to Dr Baker and Vasayo I have my life back. Once again enjoying an Active Horse Life. I welcome your questions. at aginghorsewomen@gmail.com If i haven’t responded within a few hours my personal email is brigodun@aol.com